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winter/water element ritual kit

winter/water element ritual kit

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•winter/water element ritual kit•
The wintertime is a time to slow down pause and shift your focus inwards. During this time of inwards focus we must be gentle and allow rest. Being associated with the wintertime, the water element is the most natural way to connect to our emotions and honor them.

This wintertime/water element ritual kit is crafted to honor your feelings through self care practice while aiding to connect you with your your intuition & dreams.
Your dreams carry messages brought to you by your guides, your higher-self, your subconscious. We experience more vivid dreams during times where our mind is restless, overthinking, overactive. But we need to give ourselves time and space and be open to receiving these messages.

The kit includes:
•2 limited scent; citric scented winter tub soak satchels. To reclaim and re stimulate your senses

•citric roll on body perfume. For self love and boost of encouragement/confidence/strength

•lash & brow serum. For growth

•set of 3 seashell candles. To connect with emotions.

•a set of dreamer cones. For dream recollection and vivid dreaming.

•dreamer baggie & nighttime spell jar. To aid in dream work & keep you protected as you sleep.

•a Palo santo, moonstone, & selenite stone bundle. To cleanse, connect, and heal 🤍