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sacred space ritual kit

sacred space ritual kit

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Your sacred spaces are places of power.

They are places where you are safe to be yourself, where you feel secure, a place of comfort , and a place to recharge. Your home is a sacred space, set apart from the outside world. Within your home you have further sacred zones where you recharge and unwind. It doesn’t have to be a literal alter set up, sacred spaces in your home could be your bedroom where you lay your head at night, your bathroom where you cleanse relax and unwind, it could even be a sacred space within yourself. Your sacred spaces dont have to be recognized or validated as sacred by anyone else for it to have power for you.

Sacred spaces have an aura to them, to which we are drawn to time & time again. The veil between the physical and spiritual world thins when you are in your sacred spaces which allows you to easily connect with a higher source to access wisdom, energy, and power. Take honor of your sense of sanctity and treat your sacred spaces to luxury this season. The “sacred space ritual kit” equips you with the tools to create and maintain sacred spaces within yourself & your home. The kit includes a linen spritzer to bring peaceful loving protective energy to places where you congregate such as your living room (spray on any fabric material such as curtains, sofa, rugs, cushions, etc.) and private places such as your bedroom ( spray on bed, pillows, tapestries, blankets etc). The kit includes 2 tub satchels and an everyday ritual set so you can pamper cleanse and tend to your body as you release energetic and physical clutter clouding your day. The sacred space ritual kit is finished off with a free intention tea light candle and a cleansing bundle including a purity ritual candle (white sage & rose scented), a palo santo stick, and a selenite chunk for healing. 

while using any part of the ritual kit affirm, “I take time to clear myself and my home to create a sacred space”