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loose incense ritual starter kit

loose incense ritual starter kit

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•censer plate

•2 sets of charcoal disks

•beach sand for censer

•all day everyday loose incense collection (3 blends)


This collection of loose incense blends was crafted to be used at various times during the day and each blend serves different purposes.

  • morning dew’s brew; intention setter. When using this blend picture how you want your day to go. Good for busy, important, goal setting, productive days
  • midday’s laze; recharger. This blend should be used when you need to pause and re direct your day. Some days are simply out of your control.
  • sleepy eyed surprise; spiritual bridge. This blend is intended to be used before sleep or heavy meditation. The purpose is to expand your consciousness to better understand your subconscious (dreams, feelings, desires)