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dreamer cones

dreamer cones

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understanding the meaning of your dreams is not only healing, but can open up a new world of adventure. these cones are designed to amplify that experience. if you're someone interested in dreams, these cones will kick start your dream work  practice. when working with dreams it's crucial to journal often about your dreams. keeping a dream journal will force you into the habit of paying attention to detail. the more you do this, the more aware and focused you are in your dreams, the easier it'll become to control them. 

before entering your astral travels recite this scripture to further protect yourself from harmful energies you might encounter, doing this will help promote a safe and loving journey, not a heavy journey controlled by fear. 

“be with me on this journey

keep me safe and secure 

ease the passage there and back

as I venture this astral tour “

light cones before bedtime, set your dreamwork intentions while lighting, smudge yourself and your sleeping area with the smoke, let it burn all the way through. during this time its important to think about your dreams. you can think about what you wish to accomplish, if there's a recurring dream you're trying to understand, play it in your head. the purpose is to wind your mind down enough to relax yet stay focused on dreaming. the more you practice this dream ritual, the easier it'll become.