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incense lighting help

loose incense is the least common known form of incense, yet id say is the most impactful. the ritualistic approach not only makes using loose incense exciting and fun, but more beneficial since its personalized just for you and your specific needs.

when you take the time to sit and think and focus on what YOU want, on your intentions, you have a higher probability of manifesting them for yourself. adding loose incense to your life will help keep you and your intentions on track. not because they are the best products, not because they have special magic powers, but because YOU are taking the time to sit and reflect. when you reflect and look within, you learn about yourself. you learn about your reactions, your emotions, your pains... you're basically  working on a relationship with yourself, constantly. and because of that, you give yourself the power to live a better life.

set your intentions while lighting, relax, and the incense will take care of the rest.

what you need.

  • an incense holder/burner
  • sand/salt etc
  • lighter/matches/torch
  • charcoal disk
  • loose incense 
  • tongs (optional)

what to do. 

first you'll need to pour sand into your incense holder. if you bought one from my shop, you'll be provided with sand and a set of charcoal disks. the sand is important as it acts as a heat barrier between the charcoal disk and your holder. though the incense holders do withstand high temperatures, adding the sand will keep it safe from breaking or cracking. 

once your sand is poured, you'll need to light your disk. though not necessary, you can use small tongs to hold onto your disk while you light it. when lighting your disk, use something you're comfortable with, either a lighter, matches, a torch, etc., the disk will not catch on right away, you'll know its been lit when you hear it crackle and see it spark. you can set your disk down on your sand.

the disk will need about a minute to light completely. you can blow on it gently so it can light quicker. the disk will gently spark as it lights, so keep an eye on it and don't get too close to it. you'll know its ready when the entire top of the disk glows red.

once the disk stops sparking and turns a little ashy/white on top, you can place a generous pinch of incense right on top of the disk. you can use a spoon or tongs for this also. 

the first layer of incense that goes on will smoke in the beginning. though the smoke wont linger, you can leave a window cracked so it can ventilate out quickly. each layer of incense will last about 15-20 minutes.

** if you don't place enough blend, it'll burn really fast and you'll just end up smelling burnt herb :( a generous pinch should be about 1 tbsp.

once you have your incense going, take that time to clearly think about what you want to manifest for yourself. you don't necessarily have to sit and close your eyes and meditate (though very effective) for this. you can be getting ready, tidying up, taking a bath, etc., just make sure you're calm and focusing clearly about what you want in your life. 

when you feel you're finished you can clean up the charcoal disk and any loose ash left behind. the disk will go out if you don't keep adding blend but, if you need to put it out, you can cover it up with some of the sand. 


**consider thanking the universe and be willing to accept the blessings that will come to you. this declaration will only make your intentions/affirmations stronger**