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quick tea ritual🫖

This tea ritual can be added in your morning or evening routine, on special days (new moon days) or as a simple pick me up. Herbal infusions are one of the earliest medicinal tools, spiritually and physically. Something about connecting yourself to an ancient practice makes you feel at home, at ease, present. 🌱

As you prepare all your tools try and visualize what your day will look like. Think about what you’ll do that day, what you’ll eat, wear, etc. Doing this is what’ll set the tone for the day and will get your energy/ intentions brewing.

As your water is coming up to a boil, get your loose leaf tea ready.

**It doesn’t require much! For one cup of tea you only need about 1 teaspoon. I usually prepare 2 cups and use 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea which is about 3 teaspoons.

At this time your loose tea should be ready for the hot water. You’ll only need to steep it for 2-3 minutes. While you pour the water over your dry tea, set your goals/intention(s) for that day.

Something I like to do is to pour the water in a clockwise motion when trying to attract or in a counter clockwise motion to repel. Your intentions don’t have to be super detailed or complicated. It could be as easy as setting a word. “Happiness.Clarity.Peace” What’s important is the effort. Not necessarily what you say, the more you practice setting intentions the easier it’ll become for you.

While the tea is steeping visualize your intentions, along with the tea herbs blossoming and coming to life. Picture how your day will look like when your intention has become a reality.

All this visualizing is directing energy to a specific place. The more you feed this idea, the stronger the energy until again, it becomes a reality.

Pour your tea, add sweetener or honey if desired. While you enjoy your tea you could organize your day, plan out a schedule, or do some uninterrupted work.  

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