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connecting with your senses, a grounding ritual

the five senses help us experience the world around us. we must learn to depend on ourselves to feel grounded and secure. imagery recall is important to understand because it shows us our mental strengths and weaknesses while helping us feel more connected to ourselves and the world we live in. imagery recall can easily be defined as the way you use your senses to remember, imagine, and interpret memories or mindful experiences. imagery recall is an important tool that is often used for meditation, its hard to feel connected to the world around us when we don't know how to fully experience it. imagery recall makes a part of our mental makeup. understanding your mental makeup  helps you better communicate with yourself and with others. the purpose is to identify how your unique mind works.

this simple exercise helps you relax, focus, and stay in balance. it conditions your mind to go into deeper trances that are comfortable and positive. being able to access a trance state is the foundation of meditation, manifestation, even psychic abilities. focusing on your 5 senses helps you realize the abilities within you. anything you need you can give to yourself, allow yourself to become an open channel to receive the blessings of the universe.

first, you want to make sure you are in a comfortable environment where you can have at least 10 minutes to yourself.  make sure your clothing is also as comfortable as can be. once in a comfortable position either sitting or lying down, close your eyes and think of your favorite relaxing place. this could be an actual place where you feel most relaxed, or a made up place your subconscious mind likes to go to. if you can't think of a special place then focus on the environment you chose to do this ritual. the more you think of the details in this place, you'll want to start connecting your senses to it. exploring your senses in this way will show what sense you're more emotionally connected to. what sense helps makes you feel more? trust yourself. 

see : you want to be as detailed as you possibly can. begin my mentally visualizing yourself sitting in your special place, then slowly start to picture your surroundings until you're able to go beyond, as far as your imagination takes you. if you struggle with mental visualization, start by focusing on a color. this could be your favorite color or a color that brings a peaceful feeling to you. try focusing on this color in your minds eye. you could see this color as an orb, a screen, streams of light, a colored waterfall, etc., explore different ways to visualize this color to strengthen your visual sense.

taste : think of what you can incorporate into your special place to taste. picture the taste of your favorite food or snack as your mind begins to relax. I personally struggle with this sense, its hard for me to connect to. because of this, i instead make sure i have a refreshing drink by my side that i can sip on before, during, and after the ritual. having a pleasant cold drink will bring awareness to your taste sense as you picture yourself in your special place. while sipping this drink i picture it taking me further into a relaxed state.

touch/feel : this might be my favorite sense to play with. while imagining your special place, think of objects you can touch and how they would feel. take this sense a step further by thinking about how your clothes feel on your skin. you can take deeper breathes and focus on how the air feels on your nostrils, if you have a drink sip it and focus on the cold liquid running down  your throat. combining all these senses will only make your experience more powerful and grounding.

smell :similar to the other senses, you'll want to imagine what you can smell in your special place. This is also a sense i struggle with, what i like to do is light a candle or an incense cone before i begin my ritual and focus on the relaxing smell throughout the session. lighting incense or a candle will further strengthen the ritual if you set an intention as you light it. 

hear : you'll want to focus on what sounds you may possibly hear in your special place. if this is something you seem to struggle with, focus on what sounds you hear in the physical world. You can also play relaxing music, nature sounds, singing bowls, anything that'll help you focus on a sound.

 this ritual is great for beginners but can definitely be used throughout your entire spiritual journey. the more you focus on yourself, the easier it'll be to manifest things. this ritual can also be tweaked to fit any goals you're trying to set. if you're trying to go back to school, picture yourself in class, studying, getting good grades, graduating, etc., if youre a business owner, picture yourself making sales, meeting clients, opening a shop, etc. picture what you want to see fulfilled in your life. 

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