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energy healing

"the power that made the body heals the body"

-b.j. palmer 

Before jumping into this message, I must remind you to rid yourself of any expectations, stereotypes, judgements, negative mindsets, etc., while reading this blog. This was written in a new, practical, genuine perspective and should be read that way. 

Healing means something different for everyone, and we all need it in some way in our lives.  I struggled working on my physical, outside health because internal emotional issues kept getting in the way. With energy healing, I now see my health from the perspective of a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Energy healing empowers you to take focus on a well rounded health. Because mind, body, and spirit are connected, using energy healing techniques reconnects you with the "higher forces" that help your body heal itself. Energy healing works through entrainment, which is when you bring your vibration into alignment with that higher force. Energy healing does not work with any kind of magic, though it does manipulate energy to create energetic balance and it does require work. But with work, you'll learn to listen and tend to your body when it speaks to you. 

The two most important tools that make energy healing techniques work are your intentions and your mind. Self-healing starts with intention. Intentions come naturally, just think about what you want to attract for your health. Setting intentions creates an energy that's being focused and directed towards a goal. Having "a healing mindset" will help you from slipping back into negative, unproductive, self sabotaging habits and thoughts. Having a healing mindset requires you to have focus, positive emotion, discipline, and flexibility.
Along with intent, and a healing mindset, you'll need to be able to recognize what needs healing. Energies become overactive, under-active,  and/or blocked when we experience something negative and don't take the time to fix it. This could stem from childhood trauma , emotional pain, negative thoughts, poor nutrition, illnesses, injuries, etc. The longer we go without correcting these blocks the more unbalanced the energies become. Because mind, body, and spirit are connected, we are able to experience "symptoms" being caused by these energetic blocks. Symptoms can present themselves in physical, mental, and emotional ways and can vary from a mild ache in the body, a scary dream, or a vague feeling of gloom or discomfort. I have an article linked here that goes over how certain pains in the body could be linked to some sort of emotional block in your life. The longer we take to tend to these unbalances, the more work they will require BUT, there is never a block so severe that we lose our ability to rebalance our energy and take control of our healing journey. Once you learn to listen to how your mind, body, and spirit work as a whole, you'll be able to trace your symptoms to their roots, where the imbalance forms. I have an article linked here that goes over basics of the energy body, and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing from energetic blocks.

If you are ready to begin your healing journey, you'll need to choose an energy healing technique to practice. Energy healing is practiced through meditation, hands on healing, sound healing, crystals, and aromatherapy. Within these categories there are many different types of approaches you can use to focus your intentions. You can practice any and however many techniques that feel right to you. The more personal and focused you make your healing practices, the more powerful the healing energy will come back to you. It's important to practice your techniques on a daily basis to easily direct the healing energy into your life, but don't let that overwhelm you. Only you can determine how much time and effort you can put into your practice. As long as you keep the essential mindset and intent, you'll see fruition in your life. 

Does this message speak to you personally? Even if you don't understand why but you want to know more about anything discussed in this blog, or you want to begin your healing journey, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Together we can figure out what type of blocks you may be experiencing. I am in no way anyone special to be giving out advice, but I've had to organize my own neglected baggage and I am here to help organize yours. Though healing seems scary and hard, I've learned it doesn't have to be, consider me a friend to help give you peace of mind. 


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